About us

We are a multidisciplinary design studio with a distributed team of designers, developers and managers from different countries.

We know how to work, solve complex problems. We value our work, respect ourselves and do not make consumer goods.

We create strong solutions that help brands enter new markets, grow, and make more money

Lepekhin Studio's team

  • Mikhail Vorobyev

    Fullstack developer

  • Evgeny Lepekhin

    Art director

  • Anastasia Fyodorova


  • Anna Borisova


Approach to work

In two words, our approach to work is no bullshit. For us it’s important to enjoy the creative process and the result. That’s why we offer only those solutions that will help clients strengthen market positions.

We come as partners and helpers, figure out the client’s business, then look for the solution together and after the launch we help develop the product.

While working on a project we involve clients in the workflow and make clients a part of the working team. It helps put our ambitions on the background and focus on the result of the project.

We are responsible for the product from the brief to the launch and provide the expected result.


Principles that helps us deliver great results

  1. Focus on the outcome

    Our main priority is to understand the client’s business, to reveal the problem and to find the most convenient, finest and effective solution. It doesn’t matter how much time we need to find the desired result.

  2. Consistency

    Before offering the solution to the client, we research the context and connections in the business, and then reveal the main problem. We don’t launch the project when we don’t fully understand the context and the task.

  3. Trust

    We work on mutual trust. We trust the client’s business experience, and clients trust our expertise in design. There’s no work without trust.

  4. Honesty & candor

    We don’t soften the edges and we are not afraid to call shit shit. We discuss problems once they happen, offer the solution and implement it along the client.

  5. Attention to detail

    First of all we create designs for people. We pay attention to the smallest details in texts, typography and layouts. Also we make the sites accessible for people with special needs.

  6. Ingeniuty

    We are not afraid of challenging and nontrivial tasks, and we are okay with edits. We are chosen by the most meticulous and demanding clients, because we understand them.

  7. Mutual respect

    We respect ourselves and clients. That’s why we don’t create typical and generic solutions. We work on prepayment of 100%, step by step. There are no discounts.

We design

  • Logotypes
  • Identities
  • Social media branding
  • Printing materials
  • Out-of-home ads
  • Key visual
  • Merch
  • Wayfinding
  • Websites
  • Promo websites
  • Online stores
  • Landing pages
  • Keynotes
  • Interfaces
  • Articles
  • Editing
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate media
  • Advertising
  • Analytics

We'll help you launch the product and find the most elegant, neat
and powerful solution.

Contact us

We work with clients all over the world. We call clients by Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or Telegram. If you’d like to request a personal meeting, it is better to contact us in advance.

You can email us anytime. Usually we reply in two days. If today is Friday, we will contact you on Monday.

The calls are answered from 10 to 18 GMT+3 on weekdays, from 12 to 18 GMT+3 on weekends.