Questions for the first meeting

You can refer to our list of questions for the first meeting with a client. At the meeting we clarify more details and nuances.

  1. What do you work on? What earns you money? What’s your greatest strength?
  2. Where do your clients come from? Which sales channel is the most profitable and efficient?
  3. What materials should we study before the meeting? Send us three links.
  4. What problems, tasks, and challenges are you facing right now? What's the main goal of your company today, in the months ahead, this year?
  5. What has to be done?
  6. What could be the first version of the product? What would you like to do in the first place? What would you do if you only had a month for this task?
  7. When should the task be done, finished, launched? Why is this date important?
  8. What's your personal role in the company and the project? Who else will participate in the decision-making process? Who has the final word?
  9. Why did you decide to contact us? If it was a recommendation then of whom? If you liked our works then which exactly? Why? Which works didn’t you like? Help us understand it, this is crucial.
  10. Are you talking with other studios and agencies about this project? How and when are you going to make a choice? Which criteria will you use to select a studio?